Sweetheart- Rose Hip Collection

Sweetheart- Rose Hip Collection

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Rose Hip Collection- Sweetheart

This is the second harvest of rose medicine this year.  The collection includes-

Sweetheart- Wild Rose Hip Oil 

Ingredients: wild rosehips infused in organic cold pressed olive oil

Volume: 1 oz, treatment pump top
Apply to face & body. Grounding and heart healing (emotionally)

Rose Hip Oxymel

Ingredients: wild rosehips infused in raw apple cider vinegar & raw honey

Volume: 2 oz
Take 2 teaspoons as needed. Good for cold season, cough, and high in vitamin c.

Radiant Rose Lip Balm

Ingredients: wild rosehips, organic cold pressed olive oil, shea butter, beeswax, mica

Volume: .5 oz
Apply for beautiful soft gloss and nourishment.

This is made only with wild rose hips, no essential oils added. It smells so delicious naturally! 

Please enjoy the love and magic of rose medicine during these difficult times in the world. I trust they will give you a little bit of peace and joy. All rose hips ethically harvested by hand in the Montana forest. Small batch to ensure freshness and quality.