Allergy Season Tips!

Allergy season starts early here in the desert. The juniper and cypress season here is Dec-March. So this post may be coming out early for some but save it! 
Some pollen allergy season tips-
*Close all your windows in your house to keep pollens out.
*Take your shoes off at the door to keep pollens out.
*Don’t go out on a dry windy day. 
*Tap your hair before entering the house and shake out pollens. Wash clothing & hair.
*Dust with wet cloth often. 
*Use a hepa air filter inside house. 
Herbal allies for allergies - stinging nettles, Yerba Santa, Mormon tea, horehound, golden rod, yarrow, eye bright, garlic
Systems to work on and support-
The liver- Oregon grape root, burdock root, dandelion root, milk thistle  
The immune system- echinacea, garlic, maitake, astragals, elderberry, ginger 
The lymphatic system - echinacea, red root, burdock root, calendula, cleavers 
Microbiome - eat food based probiotics (raw sauerkraut, coconut yogurt, raw kefir, raw milk, lacto fermented pickles, ferments) 
Supplements - 
Vitamin c(absorbing acid) 
Manuka honey & bee pollen 
More Allergy Tips- 
1. Decrease inflammation in the body by eating an anti-inflammatory diet.
2. Reduce exposure to pollens.
3. Drink nettle tea daily 3 weeks before allergy season starts.(nettles clear histamine) 
4. Open up and drain sinuses with herbal steam.
5. Use a neti-pot to rinse the pollens out  and flush out bacteria from sinus. 
6. Try homeopathic remedies.
I hope this helps and eases allergy season! You can apply some of these tips to food allergies as well. Please comment add your favorite tips!