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Speaking Events 

Melissa brings more than 10 years of personal experience on a Raw Paleo Lifestyle. Her dedication to Raw paleo foods as being medicine has led her to publishing her first book and speak at a variety of conferences.


  • Paleo fx 2016 & 2017
  • Fermentation Festival Speaker 2015
  • The Fearless Man Workshop Speaker 2015
  • Butter Me Up Workshop 2014
  • Weston A. Price Local Chapter Speaker, current

She has attended numerous Weston A Price conferences.
She has completed the Handcrafted Herbal Workshop Course 2019
She has completed Remembering Our Wild Nature Course 2019
She has completed Medicine Maven Herbal Course 2019
She has completed Sovereign Strategy workshop 2021


I’m very happy with my body now after years of struggling with food. I feel so much better and don’t obsess about food the way I used to. I also don’t feel hungry all the time. My skin has never been better and I’m thinner than before I was pregnant. This is a dream come true. There’s definitely something to this. Thank you!!

-Abey Scaglione

I have phenomenal energy, mental clarity, and sleep better at night after starting to eat raw meat.

-Max Kane

Due to eating the raw paleo way, I had a complication-free, natural birth with no meds, and was in labor for only 4 hours. All these amazing lubricating fats helped keep me calm, happy, and focused.

-Nicole Lienemann

Melissa is highly creative in how she designs her unique raw paleo recipes. She takes raw butter, which is a super healthy fat, and creates mouth-watering desserts that actually heal your body. She makes eating raw fat a tasty and fun experience.

-Marilyn Brown, B.S.

I have more lean muscle mass than I’ve ever had in my life. I do CrossFit, and many people think my muscle mass is because of the CrossFit. But, I was doing CrossFit for over a year before making animal fats 50%+ of my daily diet.

It wasn’t until I increased my animal fats that I leaned out and my muscle definition improved. It was like a magic pill. I didn’t change my workout intensity; I just started eating more raw animal fats.

My digestion has also improved after eating high amounts of raw animal fats. This lubricates the joints and soothes the intestines. I cannot digest most high-fiber veggies when I eat them without fats. They work synergistically.

-Mary Smith