An herbal consultation is for acute situations that arise with symptoms such as cold & cough, UTI, respiratory, allergies, liver support, rashes, sleep support, stress, menstrual pain, PMS, menopausal, nervous system support, and emotional support. Herbs will help you! 

This herbal consultation also dives deep into the root cause of the health challenge. We work on healing the gut, the microbiome, and chronic issues. We will cover diet, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle holistically. 

*You will receive a 1 hour phone call with me and a follow-up email.
*You will receive a thorough intake form to fill out.
*Custom fine-tuned formulas are $25 and shipped in 1-2 business days.

I will make you a personalized herbal formula to address the challenge.  Please take the suggested dose for 30 days. 

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Herbal Medicine Making Consultation  

This is a 30 minute consult via phone ($65) to ask questions of medicine making about tinctures, oxymels, tea blends, salves, potent herbal body oiling techniques. How to source, where to source, and how to craft.
Email me today – or call 708-347-3078