Butter Boosts Fertility

Don’t be afraid to put some raw grass-fed butter on your veggies, in pies, in smoothies, on sour dough bread at holiday parties this year!  (I’ve been known to bring mine with me ;))

I can’t even start to number all of the outstanding health benefits of raw butter.

One quality I love about raw butter is that it’s a sacred food for woman who want to reproduce and produce healthy babies generation after generation.

The most important thing is to prepare your body now and plan ahead with nutrient dense foods.

Dr. Weston A. Price researched the diets of tradition cultures all over the world and found children born with well-formed faces, naturally straight teeth, and strong bones,  the woman had no difficulty with reproduction and ease with childbirth, and were free from disease.

The main thing in common is these people is lived mainly on animal fats and refrained from refined foods and processed foods.

He watched these cultures eat a proper diet for reproduction including raw butter, egg yolk, liver, and cod liver oil.  This is not only for your children but generation after generation.

Do you think we were all given a gift of a blue print to be beautiful?

Studies show that crooked crowded teeth, narrow faces, bad posture, bad eye sight, and behavioral disorders are all due to diets that are nutrient deficient and the raw animal fats are missing.

There are crucial nutrients for fertility and health provided exclusively by the fats in animal foods.  

You can have a beautiful well-behaved baby by following a Weston A. Price diet.  I personally have met many people who have Weston A Price babies with round full faces, naturally straight teeth, and a straight back.

Everyone loves butter right? Your body is smart and knows what it needs.  So out of everything else that may be hard for you to eat or source why not start eating some raw butter from grass-fed cows?

A deep orange butter was a sacred food given as a wedding gift to a newly married couple for fertility amongst traditional people.  Actually the way I read it was tubs and tubs of butter were given as a gift.

You will want to eat raw butter that comes from cows grazing on rapidly growing green grass and do not eat dairy from the grocery store. This is important to ensure it has the highest quality of the vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin K2.

Vitamin A produced exclusively in animal fats like butter, liver, and cod liver oil are essential for hormone production, bone growth, and brain structure in healthy babies.

Vitamin K2 is found mainly in animal fats like butter and is crucial for normal reproductive health and fights tooth decay.

A present day study done by Harvard School of public health of over 18,000 woman and there was an increase in fertility when the woman drank full fat raw milk, butter, and cream but fertility went way down and conception was difficult when they drank low-fat skim milk products.

American Folk Wisdom saw that children that were raised on butter were thriving and sturdy but sadly children who drank skim milk during their important growing years were pale, thin, and had narrowed faces.

Since butter consumption has declined problems with fertility and sexual health have been on the rise.

Raw butter is healthy for you and crucial for the brain development, bone structure, and immune system of your baby.

As some of you know, I’m living on 80% raw dairy and feeling very strong.  I’m studying myself, the people around me, reading, and researching for my book titled Butter Me Up.

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