Did Our Ancestors Need Science?


Did our ancestors need science? 

Do you need science? 

I notice this frequently comes up in the work I do.

People sometimes ask: “Where is her science behind this diet?”

This strikes me as odd that we are so reliant on science.  

Knowledge is first hand experience. 

Is science fear based? Words over understanding? Sure I can give a lot of scientific words without anyone truly understanding my subject, or feeling the difference in their own body. How can anyone truly understand something until they experience it? 

There are times I want to say “I am the science” in answer to those questions.  I live and walk this diet everyday for years feeling vital and healthy. But I realize some people want more. 

Dr. Mother Nature is my most trusted scientist. Not a laboratory. 

How can we believe in science anyway? 

Science is ever changing. Science can be flawed, manipulated, controversial, or just plain wrong. One day coffee is good for us and the next its bad. Or recent studies that question “Is it the gluten or the glyphosate causing all the health problems?” Or both? Same goes for saturated fats- for 50 years the government dietary guidelines were telling us saturated fat causes heart disease, until recently they changed the story and gave us the green light to eat all the cholesterol we want! 

You can find anything you’re looking for on the internet with some scientific study behind it. Whatever you type in – google will find it suited just for you. Often I ask who’s funding this science? What are they trying to sell or market? 

Did the Maasai, Himba, Wodaabe, or Maktiari tribes need science to eat raw animal foods?

My science is the wisdom of our ancestors. The wisdom of isolated primitive people that Dr. Weston A. Price studied who lived cavity free, disease free, and were extraordinarily content and happy! These cultures he meticulously studied ate raw animal foods, organ meats, the whole animal, and some plants.  They weren’t exposed to modern foods that included heavy processing, canned goods, frozen foods, refined sugars or processed oils.  The part that impresses me most of these nutrient dense eating people is the perfect structure of their faces, and they made “designer babies.”  They knew even minor nutritional deficiencies impeded proper growth of the baby. 

Trust your body.  The body doesn’t lie. 

Be your own scientist. Study your body. Try new things. Take things out of your diet. Put them back in and tune in to yourself. This can’t be done in a lab.

Raw Omnivorous Foods

Raw omnivorous foods, unlike cooked foods, have all of their nutritional, chemical, enzymatic, probiotic, energetic, and DNA structures intact. Since these foods are in their original nature-made state your body can easily utilize all of these healthful components found in the food.

Nature intends that we eat foods in the same form that she makes them.  She is wiser than the entire scientific community combined!

Dr. Weston A Price said “Life in it’s fullest is Mother Nature obeyed.”

What do you think? Are you a science person or an experience person?

Your Health Coach,

Melissa Henig

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Most recent testimony –

I had raw beef with butter, cream and honey yesterday….was great!

I just had raw beef tartar for lunch now. I have never felt so alive! It is like every cell is waking up….like I can feel every cell in my body! 

It is incredible the way this makes me feel!  And the gut is so happy…I feel so light…but such an intense feeling of vitality! My body feels like it is buzzing with bliss and energy!  My energy levels have generally always been good….but have increased so much more now.  Thank you! 


Thanks so much in advance. Talk soon!