Do You Cleanse Your Energetic Body?

Hello Healthies,

The body is amazing and naturally cleanses and detoxes our insides daily. Some people enhance their detox programs with juice fasts, supplements, exercise, and saunas.

I’m aware of the 80,000 man-made chemicals coming at us daily. So I personally cut down on the amount of petrochemically-based toxins coming in through my skin and home that I can control. I recommend removing all toxins from your home including toxic shampoos, soaps, detergents, dish soaps, cosmetics, beauty products, etc. and replacing them with organic and natural choices wherever possible. My mentor Alfredo tells me “If it’s not made by nature, it poisons people and the planet.”  Toxins can put a burden on the liver and accumulate as waste in the body.

There’s more to the story though.  There’s a spiritual and energetic component of health that needs cleansing too!  Do you ever go to a restaurant and it just doesn’t feel right? As if the vibes are off and the place doesn’t feel good to you.  Or perhaps you feel “not quite right” in a certain person’s home or negative conversation you find yourself in.  You feel like you want to shake off that negative energy and walk away from the situation, some how feeling cleansed and released from it.

In situations like these you are picking up on a feeling that is definitely present but you can’t quite define what it is or where it’s coming from. You are perceiving the subtle energy of the restaurant, house or person. These places can disrupt your personal energetic field—which needs cleansing too.

There are plenty of ways to cleanse your personal energy.

My top 3 are-

I like to sage (smoke or smokeless spray) myself and my space.  Burning sage is an ancient practice of using sacred plants to clear energy. This practice is often called smudging.  Smudging helps to clear negative energy and start anew.  Sage smoke is also anti-bacterial, which is good for the air in your space.

I go into nature and take my shoes off exposing my bare feet to the earth and soaking up it’s free electrons. These free electrons help ground the body which prevents inflammation and relieves pain. This practice is called earthing or grounding.  It feels so good!

I cleanse with water by taking a long shower, soak in a hot bath, or jump in a cold creek.  Water conducts electricity and transforms your personal energy!

If you’re into this sorta thing ;)…  I have made a Smokeless Smudge Spray that’s super convenient to bring anywhere, keep in your car, your home, your office, your bathroom, or your purse.

This Sage Smudge Spray is special because it is infused with quartz crystals and handmade in Sedona, AZ.

You can see each piece of charged quartz crystal floating in the jar. Quartz crystal is known as the master healer and will amplify energy and thoughts.  As you release and cleanse old energy you can amplify your new positive intentions.  Out with the old, in with the new. With this spray you are making room for new beginnings!

The deer dream catcher on the front of the label will be in your hand for every spray and represents the Native American energy and land that the product is made on.  The deer spirit animal has a strong intuition and you have the power to deal with change with grace. You are both determined and gentle in your energetic approach. Trust your instincts!


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Do you Smudge?

Your Health Inspirer,

Melissa Henig