Eat Beef Heart for Energy at Mission Heirloom in Berkeley, CA

I would definitely say I know how to source out good food and eat well. I visit and try all sorts of organic, grass fed, and farm to table restaurants wherever I am. I usually yelp all those things to find a good place. I recently ate at Mission Heirloom in Berkeley, CA and this place really pulled on my heartstrings so I need to share it with you. The relaxing beautiful atmosphere and clean food left me full of energy and with a smile on my face.

I stopped in with my mom for dinner after a really tough 2 hour mountain bike ride which I had burned 800 calories and was hungry for some good fat and protein. I like to focus on fat and protein after a hard work out for recovery and repair.  We ordered the grass fed burger (very rare) and when it came out it tasted like nothing we’ve ever tasted. I even asked the details of the ranch and how they made it curious as to why it was so flavorful and different from other burgers.

Next we met one of the lovely owners Bobby. He was kind and generous with his time and we chatted and shared our similar food passions! Turns out the amazing burger is made from 1/2 beef heart and 1/2 ground beef.  Ahhhh, now it makes sense why this was so delicious and made us feel so good too, our bodies said “yes!’  I have eaten raw bison heart in the past and felt really good from that too but never have I been able to order this from a restaurant!

Organ meats are packed with nutrients and you can really feel a difference.  Animals in the wild go straight for the organs and glands such as liver, heart, and kidneys any day over the muscle meat. I always find it’s wise to mimic the animals. It’s known in Ayurvedic Medicine that like heals like and some say “like cures likes”(1). You eat the organ of the animal that matches your organ that needs healing. Beef heart is packed with Coq10 which is a powerful antioxidant and vital for energy production.  The mitochondria contained in the heart cells produce energy that run your body(2). The heart contains far more mitochondria cells than any other organ in your body. The heart needs more energy because its working harder than any other organ constantly pumping. If you want a healthy heart and a lot of energy eat more heart! 🙂

Mission Heirloom Cafe also has some stand out features unlike the conventional restaurants. They are dedicated to using no grains or gluten in any food they serve.  Their standards are NO processed refine oils, sugars, gluten, grain, legumes, NO cooking with plastic, aluminum, technique that introduce toxins, umami, and NO using ingredients that sound like chemicals. Everything is organic and GMO free! This is deliciously awesome and I can comfortably order anything on the menu.

Unfortunately this is the only photo we took.. I have no idea what that face if for, but its raw so it’ll work! The little glass jar is this amazing red sauce you pour over the burger.


 Your healthy friend,

Melissa Henig