Enema Tips With Chris And Melissa – Video

Are you curious about the benefits of enemas but are afraid to try it at home?

I know the whole concept of  it seems strange and uncomfortable but once you do your first one they get easier and easier each time.  Its simple and very beneficial!

I find the times I’m really called to do an enema is when I’m cleansing or just feeling bloated and constipated.  After I do one any previous cramps, bloating or uncomfortable stomach issue immediately go away.  It only takes about a half hour and I feel lighter and refreshed!

We live in a toxic modern world and enemas are a powerful tool to aid in detoxification.  On average we hold up to ten extra pounds of waste in our large colon that needs to come out. Yikes!

I made a short video with Chris King on how to do an enema. We cover the basics of the enema bag, the water, how to hang the bag, and the process.  You can order your enema bag online for a couple of dollars or invest in a stainless steal enema kit.

I recommend a pure warm water enema for beginners and a coffee enema for more advanced users. Of course only organic mycotoxin free high quality coffee. Since you’re basically drinking it- just through the backend ;).

Let me remind you that staying healthy takes time and effort but feeling vibrant and pain-free is priceless.  So make a plan, buy an enema bag, schedule time and get it done.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have done an enema and what you think of them.

Talk soon,

Melissa Henig