Food Sourcing List


I have created a list of high quality foods and products for you.  I have noticed that I get frequent emails asking me about food sources.  For example, "Where do I find raw milk?" or "What coconut oil do you use?"

So I created a list for you to keep on hand in your computer or phone. It will be conveniently all in one place so you won't have to go looking all over the internet for items.

The list is comprehensive including raw meat, raw dairy, raw eggs, fish, coconut cream, coconut oil, baby items, personal care products, water filters, juicers, probiotics, coffee alternatives, 100% olive oils, cod liver oil, medicinal mushrooms, and much more.

For the past decade I have been passionate about only putting high quality foods into my body.  If I fall off track and eat something not up to par I really notice a difference in my body and don't feel as vibrant.

It may sound cliche but - We are what we eat!

I trust this list I have comprised will support you in looking and feeling your best!

Here is a LINK  to purchase it.

Thank you and enjoy!

Food Sourcing List PDF