Happy Valentine’s Day Butter Mousse

Hello Ya’ll,

First things first, I put up this beautiful picture of grazing cows to remind you to buy grass fed butter for this recipe!  Even if you can’t find raw find grass fed.

You will be putting much more value into your body including vitamin d from the sun that the healthy cows are soaking up while grazing.

Ok, now for the romantic stuff…

RAW BUTTER CHOCOLATE MOUSSE..mmmm if the sound of that doesn’t make you buckle at your knees I don’t know what will 😉

I never want to destroy the nutrients in my raw butter so I melt the butter in a glass jar with lid in warm water from the sink first.


1/4 pound of raw butter (or grass fed butter)

4 raw eggs (know your source)  I have found vital farm eggs from whole foods are the best on the market.  They do feed them minimal soy and corn but its all organic and they still eat grass and are pasture raised.  My friend has had them tested and the nutrients test high.  I can testify that the yolks are a dark orange and the shells are hard so they pass my test.

2 Tablespoons raw honey

3 Tablespoons raw cacao powder ( add more chocolate if you desire)

1/2 teaspoon raw vanilla bean powder or 1 vanilla bean

Next blend in the vita mix. It will thicken when you put it in the fridge and cool.

Oh, it’s so delicious, you will become addicted.  I can’t tell if my body wants the raw chocolate more or the nourishment from the raw butter and raw eggs in it.  I do crave it..

Remember raw fats nourish your brain( our brain is 60% fat) and nervous system, lubricate your intestines, moisturize your skin and joints, dissolve plague from arteries, fuel your body, and give you vitamin A, vitamin D, and minerals.

Raw eggs from a clean source are packed with nutrients we need daily to support hormones and are really good for fertility (great for fertility, remember like heals like, so eggs are good for our eggs).  As they digest extremely fast they are loaded with B vitamins, protein, biotin, vitamin D, the sulphur amino acid helps keep you young, choline, and much more!

When you cook this perfectly good nutritious food, the heat manipulates and changes the protein structure of the egg and makes it un-natural and your body doesn’t recognize it.  When the egg protein changes its shape from heat this often causes allergies..nothing a few raw eggs can’t cure 🙂

Also I have found people think they are allergic to eggs when really they are allergic to the soy that the chickens are fed.   It’s great to ask local farmers at the market what they specifically feed their chickens and is it organic?

Let’s get back to that decadent raw chocolate mousse..mmm Can’t wait for you to taste it!   Leave a comment and let me know.

Happy Valentine’s Day Sweet Heart 🙂