Holiday Food? To Eat or Not to Eat?

I want to encourage you! Every choice you make is the right one. Everything is ok. You’re doing great. 

I’ve had a really hard time sticking to my diet lately. I don’t like to call it a diet but I will as a reference point to the way I like to eat. 

Do you ever go through this? 

I’m going to be honest and transparent with you. 

Even though I’m still bringing my healthy options with me to the party, I end up not wanting them and following the crowd by eating bites of what is on the table. 

What’s wrong with me? I never do this. I’m a leader. I’m the healthy one. 

A few nights ago my friends and I were sitting around for hours chatting, playing music, and singing. We were starting to feel ravenous hunger pains as we didn’t leave the house for hours. To our surprise a friend shows up unexpectedly with a huge smile on his face holding 4 large pizza boxes.

Our hero!! You can hear the sounds of claps and cheers through the room.

I imagined him in a superhero suit as he stood there in front of us with our growling stomachs and the aroma of hot, cheesy, good old gluten filled pizza seeping out of the boxes. 

How could I not eat it?

And not join in the celebration and delicious satification of this hot food with my friends. 

Humans like to justify things. We like to make everything ok. Are the justifications ok? In this blog I’m saying yes they are ok.

I was telling myself the repercussions of eating pasturized dairy and gluten are ok because I’m breaking bread with friends, building bonds, memories, and I’m happy…

And it was damn good!! 

So now what? 

I’ve eaten the pizza. I’m feeling a bit tired. I’m feeling a little guilty. I’m noticing my stomach is large and gassy. 

I’ve decided to enjoy, relax, and give the gift of presence.

I told myself-

Let it go.

Eat healthy food tomorrow. 

Start tomorrow morning with a green juice.

Have compassion on yourself.

Everything is ok.

Everything is perfect.

Things in life ebb and flow.

If you go weeks of keeping an exceptionally healthy diet and eat some pizza- it’s ok.

It’s Christmas!  A time for holiness, happiness, and cheer!

Celebrate life, celebrate yourself, celebrate your friends and family.

I’m grateful for you!

Your Health Coach,

Melissa Henig