How to Calorie Up!

I know this article may seem counterproductive to mainstream diet articles where people are trying to cut calories, but I’m actually trying to take in more calories.

Lots and lots of calories!

Have you ever found yourself here?

Maybe you’re body building, an endurance athlete, recovering from a raw vegan diet, a teenager wanting to bulk up, or like me -a pregnant woman.

I did some food journaling and I noticed I’m not getting the amount of calories I would like. 

Awareness of what we eat is a part of any health plan. Food journaling rocks!

Many nutritional pregnancy programs say pregnant women in the second trimester should eat 2,700 calories a day.

Seem high?

Well I am growing a baby.

I do believe that high quality foods serve me better even if I fall short of that specific calorie mark. Of course I could eat two Big Macs and easily reach that calorie mark in one meal, but that’s just gross!

If you’re like me and don’t eat snacks, empty calories, protein bars, powders, fillers, or a lot of carbs you may also find its hard to get enough calories in. 

Besides upping my protein, raw nut butters, and banana raw milk shakes I found it’s all about the toppings! 

I top my meals with everything healthy. Check out this dish where I’m topping with ghee, raw butter, avocado, raw cheese, and cold pressed olive oil. 

That’s five healthy fats to nourish me and baby. This is great for preconception, pregnancy, nursing moms, your skin, brain, nervous system, and more. 

Start topping today! Do you top? Post your favorite topping below.

Talk soon.

Your health coach,

Melissa Henig

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