I have Homework For You! #takeyourshoesoff

Hello friends,

Last night I was feeling tired, over worked, and a little blah. It happens.  It wasn’t food that I was deficient in, it was the earth.  Total wellness includes all areas such as the physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual, and mental.

I know how essential and healing it is for me to be connected to the earth and its life-giving elements.    As I lay in bed after a nap I was craving some nature and grounding.  Grounding is when you’re in direct contact with the ground including sitting, laying down, and walking barefoot.

I find in life that sometimes things aren’t easy but they are AlWAYS worth it.  It simply takes self motivation to get yourself out the door and to the woods.  I rolled out of my bed with every last ounce of energy I had and put on my running shoes.

When I arrived to the woods I wanted to get the most out of this experience and fully immerse myself in natures gifts.  I chose to not only hear what nature was telling me but feel it too.  I challenged myself to do the hike barefoot!

The moment the souls of my feet contacted the ground I could feel the earths electrons giving me a natural burst of energy.  I felt happy, smiley, taken care of, nourished, and grateful. So so grateful that I had gotten myself to this sacred place.

Nowadays in the modern lifestyle there is a disconnect to nature and the earth.

Wearing shoes with insulated rubber soles gets in the way of the free flowing electrons from the earth into the body.  When you’re in direct physical contact with the ground the earth’s electrons are conducted into your body.  The research now suggests that we need to reconnect with the earth’s electrons to promote physiological well being, better sleep, anti-inflammatory effects, and a balanced sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.  Our immune system also benefits from an adequate supply of electrons.


One thing that I learned from nature on this hike is that we are interconnected.  There is life in nature and it brings life to my molecules and soul.  Things are always moving, changing, growing, and working together.  Paying attention to nature is paying attention to your body and life.  Nature is a reflection of ourselves.  Nature is a safe place for me to check in with my body and go inward.  Thank you trees. Thank you stones.  Thank you trickling water.  Thank you light.  Thank you dirt.  Thank you crunchy fall leaves.  Thank you God.


I have homework for you this week!  #takeyourshoesoff

Your homework is to go into nature for an hour and ground yourself.  Find a soft path to walk on and take your shoes off and feel the earth.  We should connect to the earth’s elements daily but you will get a good grade with connecting for one hour this week. 😉

Enjoy and embrace the moment, feel the sensations in your body, tune into all your senses, deep breathe, be grateful, and be really nice to yourself.  Sending you lots of love.

Your Healthy Friend,

Melissa Henig