I Haven’t Washed My Face in 10 Years.


I just returned home to Marin County from attending the Fermentation Festival in Santa Barbara. I sat on a panel talking about Ancestral Skin Care, I demoed Raw Chocolate Butter Pudding with Mark McAfee, and I sold raw food and tonics at my booth.  It was a blast!

As I was sitting and teaching about healthy skin care products and skin regimes, I kept finding myself saying “less is more.”  People were asking all types of questions and one was “What do you wash your face with?”  I said I don’t.  I haven’t washed my face in 10 years..

As some of you know I was a former hairstylist while living in Chicago before I started my raw food company.  One of my clients had the best skin. She never had a blemish, it wasn’t dry or oily, it was soft, smooth, and glowing. She was in her forties and had no wrinkles.

                                                         ~Less is More~

One day I asked her the same question, “What do you wash your face with?” Her answer was nothing, she just uses water.  So from that day forward I never washed my face again and I’m doing pretty good for 38.

I just use water and a wash cloth. No harsh soaps, no chemicals, no solvents, no parabens, no fragrance, no synthetic colors, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no alcohols, no petroleum, no DEA, and no triclosan.

                          ~The FDA Does Not Regulate the Safety of Ingredients~

Sadly, there are over 80,000 chemicals in the market and most aren’t tested for safety.

The toxic petrochemicals in personal care products are linked to cancer, asthma, damaged sperm, learning disabilities and other problems.  Even lipstick has lead in it. LEAD!

On rare occasion if I wear a healthy mascara I will use a little coconut oil or raw butter under my eyes as a make-up remover.

         ~It’s not about what you put on your body, but what you put in your body~

I believe if you’re dry on the outside, it’s an indicator you’re dry on the inside. Eating raw butter and drinking raw milk helps keep my skin supple, lubricated, and moisturized from the inside out.  When raw milk is grass-fed it contains high amounts of omega-3 fats and vitamin A, which keeps the skin hydrated.  That’s ancestral skin care!

Dehydrated? Drink more raw milk.  Raw milk is 80% water and a very hydrating food!


Skin care I use.

I use a cream that I make out of organic beef tallow. The Cavewoman Cream is used for hands, body, and face. I make it with only 3 ingredients including organic beef tallow, organic olive oil, and organic essential oils- it’s edible.

The beef tallow is rendered at a very low temperature which keeps the fat soluble vitamins A, D, K, and E intact. Our skin has many little pores which soak up and literally eat everything we put on it. When you use the Cavewoman or Caveman Cream you’re absorbing all the fat soluble vitamins. It’s like putting on vitamins every time you wear it!

Since fat soluble vitamins A, D, K, and E are exclusive to animal fats I even have vegetarians who won’t eat the meat but buy the cream to get the vitamins in their bodies.

The tallow soaks in much better than coconut oil because it matches our biology and cell make-up of an animal better than a plant fat. Try it and see!

Cavewoman Cream

Cavewoman Cream                                                                       

      click on photo


  • Eat more raw fats
  • Less is more when it comes to personal care products
  • Read labels
  • Hydrate
  • Clean inside = Clean outside

Your Healthy Friend,

Melissa Henig

P.S. If you’re constipated and that detox pathway is backed up, most likely you’ll have skin blemishes because the toxins have to come out somewhere. I have suffered with constipation in the past and if I stray at all from a healthy diet or routine it tries to come back.

Email me for a consult on any health matters you may have and I can help. melissa@rawpaleo.com.