Important Tips If A Child Is Getting Sick

Hello Everyone,

These helpful remedies are the first things our family does at the onset of an illness.  The onset of a cold & flu looks different for each person.  This could look like the chills, fever, cough, tickle in throat, or a headache.

When these symptoms arise these tips apply to adults and children. Please comment and let me know what you do when you get sick.


Rest is the best way to support the immune system. I know it’s hard to get generators to rest! What we do is watch full length movies. Wholesome family friendly dog movies such as Beethoven, Adventures Of Yellow Dog, Milo & Otis, Little House On The Prairie. The more rest you get at the onset of cold and flu the less likely it will grown into something severe. Go to bed early. 


Avoid dried fruit, fruit juices, processed sugar, bread, high carb foods. Sugar can decrease the immune response for up to 24 hours after eating it.


Drink fresh squeezed lemon water, drink bone broth, eat low sugar dark colored berries that are high in flavonoids(immune boosting), add whole food vitamin c powder to a full fat smoothie(amla berry powder, camu camu powder). 


Elderberry syrup(high in flavonoids can disrupt a pathogen), echinacea tincture, Elder flower tea(this helps with fever and immune support), chamomile tea(for calming whining uncomfortable children, tummy trouble), marshmallow tea for soothing hot, dry, irritated sore throat. 


This works so well! I mince 5-6 cloves of garlic and let sit for 4-5 hours in olive oil before using. Then strain and slather onto the bottom of the feet. Then cover with 2 pairs of socks before bedtime and they wake up feeling so much better. 


These steams help clear congestion so well! We go out in the land harvest creosote bush(chaparral) and it works amazing! Peppermint, rosemary, and thyme will work too. Drink a lot of luke warm water to help thin mucus. 


Keep head and chest warm when inside and outside. Dress in layers.  Keep the heat in to ward off pathogens and recover. Don’t drink cold water, cold dairy, cold orange juice, or cold veggies. Eat warm stews, chicken noodle soup, nourishing broths, steamed veggies. Drink warm tea. Drink luke warm water. 

Stay Healthy,