Interview #13 Charles Turcich

Charles has been eating nutritionally dense foods for 4 years

1. You have recently told me that you eat everything they tell you not to eat.  Who’s they?  What do you mean?

They are the powers that be.  The ones who put out the food guidelines. My diet is primarily high quality animal fats, raw foods, fermented foods.  I’ll drink raw milk from properly raised livestock, I’ll eat raw meat from properly raised animals.

And you know, they tell you raw milk causes infectious diseases, but what they are not telling you is the truth that its the industrialized model that produces all of the negative effects of that food.  So obviously they put a warning on it to make people scared into only eating their product.


2. I know you eat raw eggs for breakfast every morning.  How many? Aren’t you afraid of salmonella?

Every Morning!  This morning I ate 4 raw eggs in my milk shake.  That is raw goats milk, raw chicken eggs, raw honey, and cinnamon! Yum!

I’m not afraid of salmonella because I know where my eggs come from. If I didn’t know where my eggs were coming from I wouldn’t even eat the eggs!  I really believe that a happy healthy chicken produces a happy healthy egg and there is no need to worry about salmonella or bacteria.

3. Did you heal your gut with bone broth?

Yes, bone broth, fermented foods, kefir, sour kraut.

I had a chronic immune condition.  Its one of the incurable auto immune conditions. I was on medications for a large part of my adult life and found out it just wasn’t working for me anymore.  I got some advice from a great friend and took it from there.  I started eating really well and within a couple days I felt improvement and within a couple of weeks I felt like a new person.  A year later I felt great!

4. Would you ever stop eating this way?

Only if I was in prison. I may end up in prison if they ever completely ban raw milk.

5. Why do you love raw butter?

I love raw butter because you can just eat it by the spoon full and know that it is good for you!