My Ex told me I smelled fermented?? 21 day water challenge ahead!

Yesterday I saw my ex at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.  Dangerously, he gave me an up close and personal hug.  He proceeds to say I smell good, like he was surprised.  I quickly said   “What I usually don’t?”

He told me I usually smell fermented and I freaked out a little asking him what the heck smelling fermented means???  He said he gets the same smell sometimes, its candida and our body creates a smell like and internal bread making factory.

He said I must be cleansing or cleaning myself out somehow.  I told him I have been drinking way more water than normal and eating a lot more fresh fruit than usual.

Kippy, my roommate, resonated with my conversation from yesterday and we decided to clean our bodies with a 21 day commitment to drinking a quart of water every morning.   A friend of mine runs a blog about 21 day challenges and habits being formed and broken.

Why 21 days?

“A combination of science and conventional wisdom has long prescribed that three weeks is the magic amount of time it takes to make or break a habit. In 1960, Maxwell Maltz released a book titled “Psycho-Cybernetics”. This was one of the first books on mind-body connection and the framework of changing negative habits. His research around amputees taking 21 days to adjust to the loss of a limb led to his belief that people take this amount of time to recalibrate to any major life changes. Although much of the evidence is empirical as opposed to clinical, Amazon now lists over 121,000 self-help books with 21 days in the title. Truth be told, of the 7 billion of us on the planet, we’re all different and will take different times to establish or break habits. However, it cannot be argued that doing something every day for three weeks is a great start at the least. More than a couple weeks and less than a month, this level of commitment is perfect for giving a new behavior a fair chance of seeing if it will work for you.”

Who wants to join us for 21 days to drink a quart of water first thing every morning?  Beauty moves me, motivates, makes we want to touch and smell things.. Beauty is inviting.  So I’ve decided to make our quart jars pretty!  Decorate your jars so they will invite you to drink your water every morning.  Take photos of your jars and post them below in the comment section.

21 day water challenge

21 day water challenge




I feel blessed to have spring water to drink that I harvested from a spring.  Make sure you’re drinking spring water or at least filtered water.  Feel free to try all kinds of water and flavor them with lemons, cucumber, lime, and mint.

Heres my video on the fresh spring water harvest and I encourage all of you to find a spring and go do this.   “Nobody said it would be easy they just said it would be worth it”…. One of my favorite quotes.

Find a spring here

Youtube video on me harvesting water here

This should be a morning habit for ever not just 21 days 😉 But sometimes we need a challenge to get kick started.

Happy cleansing, getting minerals from water, and smelling fresh!

Your friend,