My Raw Primal Diet

Everything in nature comes whole, natural, and in its perfect form.
Sometimes it’s unfathomable to me how miraculously and perfectly our bodies are made to function.
We were born with a perfect blue print and have every right to that today.
Why denature nature?
Raw foods of all kinds that are not heated, mutilated, or destroyed are very cleansing, healing, and repairing to the body.
I will always love what Hippricates said.
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
God said he will care for the birds and feed them and you are his priceless masterpiece, how much more will he care for you.
Let’s use this food and feel good and stay young.
Raw foods I eat that cleanse, fuel, lubricate, build and repair are raw fats and raw proteins.
Raw fats are the most utilized nutrient in the body, especially in this toxic world.
Raw fat and protein
-raw eggs
-raw butter
-raw milk Kefirs
-raw cheese
-heavy cream
-coconut cream-raw meat tartar
-fish ceviche
-chicken ceviche
(I cold cook the fish and ceviche in lemon and lime)
-organ meatsRaw proteins that are easily used by the body are very repairing and rebuilding and can regenerate cells.  Raw meat (especially chicken) is the only protein that facilitates nerve tissue regeneration and cellular repair.  I have a friend that his shakes stopped from eating raw chicken.  The fowl(chicken, turkey) regenerates connective tissues and heals your nervous system.  Chicken Ceviche is the best when you’re sick, it makes me well.
Raw meat is the best for anti-aging…it regenerates cells..I also include fermented vegetables like
Kim chi and unpasteurized sauerkraut
Green juice
Coconut water
Bone broth
Raw honey
Some in season fruit


When you first start eating a raw primal diet you may detox so take it slow.  The raw fats and raw meats will start to loosen, dislodge and dissolve old toxins, metals, waste in your body.

For example when I drink my green juice I add a raw egg to it for the toxins to have something for them to bind to.

The juice is detoxing but you don’t want those toxins floating around your blood stream so with the egg the toxins will bind to the yolk and it will escort them from your body.

This diet is so nutrient dense that I have to remind myself to eat.
It’s very satiating.
When I started the diet I gained a little weight as part of the detox.  Toxins store in the fat and then you shed the fat and the toxins with it.

You have to have patience with it as anything in life that’s good is worth waiting for.

Now my body has adjusted and it is fueled by fat, the fat is not stored.

My bones are so strong and I have more muscle mass with the raw proteins (raw meats) that I weigh more but am the same pant size.
Men will build muscle(and fast) with out much wear and tear on the body from working out.

A pointer for people that their bodies run acid.
Drink your green juice as its a part of this diet people tend to get lazy with.
But I Believe it helps with your glowing skin while the butter is making you soft and supple.
There are so many health benefits to eating the raw fats and proteins.
Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Untouched natural B vitamins
Fat soluble vitamins which help you absorb minerals
This diet is for people who want strong teeth and bones, moist skin, good eye sight, good digestion, strong immune system, stable, non stressed body.
The cultures that Weston A Price researched that ate the traditional foods and mostly raw milk..
The woman were noted for their beauty and the men for their strength.
The Swiss men won all of their athletic competitions and they were known to drink bowls of raw cream.
The woman ate butter, egg yolk, fermented cod liver oil and had no problem getting pregnant and easy childbirth.   The children were happy and well behaved.
P.S.  I have the recipe coming soon for the pic I posted of the raw bison tar tar!
Please NOTE I’m talking about RAW fats and RAW cholesterol not cooked.  Raw reacts very differently in your body than cooked.  Cooked fats can be harmful and harden in your body.
NOTE: Know your source!