Nature Completes A Cycle – Catch Up With Me This Fall

Happy Fall,

The leaves are turning color and reminding us that change is a natural and a necessary part of the cycle. As the trees let go of their leaves we can also release and let go of limiting beliefs and behaviors that are no longer serving us.  This is a healthy and liberating time of year.

Road Trip

My family has had an adventurous and traumatic fall. On a recent road trip to Montana I experienced an intense miscarriage at 10 weeks pregnant. Life is mysterious and there are events I don’t fully understand. Often people want all their questions answered and there’s wisdom and peace in knowing sometimes there aren’t immediate answers.

Miscarriage is intense and often not talked about enough. I experienced a lot of blood loss, painful cramping, and the release of large clots. I come to find this is okay and normal for some women. Click here to read a recent post on Instagram.

I’m grateful I was equipped for a fast recovery. I was prepared for an unexpected emergency by keeping up with a consistent healthy lifestyle.

Family Vision

Our family vision became more clear on our road trip.  Buy land with water, buy silver and gold, plant a food forest with fruit trees, berries, nut trees, vegetables, and herbs,  have a big open expansive view of the mountains and sky, have a spring water fed house, have big game animals all around.  How does that sound?

Mom Life

On another note, mom life is like working 2.5 jobs everyday. Phew! I want to validate all the moms out there in the fact that it’s a huge amount of work.  It’s also the most rewarding and purposeful blessing in my life so far. Our toddler is busy growing, talking more everyday, giving kisses, exploring the world and connecting to nature.


Chris has been doing a great deal of hunting so we can eat nutritious wild food from our local environment.  I’ve gone along on the hunts and it’s an intimate experience with the land and the most connected I feel to food. The wild squirrel is quite tasty, and no it doesn’t taste like “chicken” ha!

Plant Medicine

I have increasingly become more in love with plants and their medicine. Plants have been around long before antibiotics and I’m so honored to help heal and nourish my family with their support. It’s also wonderful to share this knowledge with you and my community.

When we recently were on our road trip we were feeling ungrounded and run down towards the end. I was relieved to have herbal remedies Elderberry Oxymel and Wild Oregano Tincture on hand for immunity support.

My medicines are potent and they connect people with plants.  I feel fortunate I was able to gather so many wild plants this summer to store up medicine for the winter.

Most of my herbal medicine comes directly from the Flagstaff, AZ forest where they grow wild and I work closely with nature.

Here’s a link to current winter wellness herbal remedies.

I trust you’re growing, learning, getting outside, staying aligned with your vision, and staying healthy.

Talk soon,