Prenatal Care is Self Care

Hello from my second trimester!

This time in my life has been so transformative for me. I’m learning to quiet my mind and watch life unfold before me. I’m letting go of all my plans and flowing with what is happening right now.  I’m learning to trust my body.

The first trimester was a challenge for me and now my second is a dream. I hear the third is even a different kind of challenge. This is a great analogy to the ebb and flow of life. When things are challenging you may have a dream right around the corner. 

Remember, things are happening for you- not to you.

Ok, back to self care. This email may not be for you personally but if you feel inspired to pass it on to the expecting parents please do. 

Prenatal Care is Self Care!

The best prenatal care you can give yourself is self care. And the best self care for a pregnant woman is through great nutrition. It’s about the prevention of gestational diabetes, pre-clampsia, and other complications with proper nutrition and a toxic free environment.

Prenatal care in a clinical setting is just like health care. It’s an outside physical experience with testing that  doesn’t focus on nutrition, is fear based, and doesn’t look at the emotional or spiritual health of the mama.

Our health and pregnancy is with in us. I don’t need an outside routine practice of weighing me or checking my blood pressure every couple weeks. I believe in my miracle and my body. I do believe in a relationship with a midwife for support.

Self care pregnant or not is the key to a healthy body and mind. Take long walks, hydrate, eat nutrient dense foods, rest, pray, deep breathe, cook for yourself, take alone time, yoga, reading, community, and letting go of things you can’t control.

During pregnancy my body is growing and building a human from scratch and don’t forget I’m also growing a whole new organ – the placenta. With all this marvelous work going on my blood volume is doubling and this requires good nutrition.

This requires calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, probiotics, no processed foods, no refined sugars, and no canola oil.

Probiotics are important daily! 

Having a healthy well balanced gut are important for mama and baby. Probiotics along with good nutrition reduce the risks of complications that can take place in pregnancy.  Good bacteria will be transferred to the baby during a vaginal delivery- this jumpstarts your baby’s immunity.

I’m taking probiotics in the form of fermented foods, raw milk, and raw yogurt.  I eat fermented veggies and drink raw milk everyday.  Every single day!  Consistency is key.

I prize raw milk and all full fat raw dairy for a healthy pregnancy and healthy well formed baby. Biochemically raw saturated fats make up nearly half of our cell membranes.  No need to be afraid of what you’re made of 😉

When choosing to take a prenatal vitamin or not, there is no wrong or right.  Do what you’re comfortable with.

Here’s a list of foods you can get vitamins from for a healthy pregnancy.  

Calcium: Raw whole milk, yogurt, raw cheese, sardines

Folate: Liver, beans, raw eggs, fish eggs, green vegetables, avocados, spinach

Vitamin B12: Liver, raw eggs, grass-fed meat

Vitamin B6: Raw meat, raw dairy, raw eggs, liver, baby bananas

DHA: Cod liver oil, fish eggs, raw butter, eggs yolks, liver

Vitmin A: Cod liver oil, fish eggs, raw butter, eggs yolks, liver

Vitamin D: Cod liver oil, fish eggs, raw butter, eggs yolks, liver

Vitamin K2: Raw cheese, poultry liver, meat, eggs

Choline: Raw eggs, liver

Zinc: Red meat, liver, fish eggs

Iron: Red meat, liver, raw egg yolks, black strap molasses

Iodine: Fish eggs, wild caught sea food, raw butter, sea veggies

Vitamin C: Strawberries, grapefruit, oranges, kiwis, red pepper, mangos, berries

Probiotics: Fermented veggies and drinks, raw milk, raw yogurt

Please forgive me that I’m not the best at responding to blog post comments. Even though I’m not the best responder to comments- I’m fully present in my health coaching and pregnancy nutrition coaching practice.

Please hit reply to this email for any questions!

I believe in you and your body.

Your health coach,

Melissa Henig