Pressed Oils heated over 96 degrees harden in your body!

Olea olive Oil

One of my passions in life is to source high quality foods that cleanse, heal, build, and nourish our bodies! This means driving to farms, asking questions, carefully reading labels, and observing the results in my own body.

Results mean more to me than science. 

I love my raw animal fats for cleansing but let me introduce you to cold pressed olive oil for cleansing. When olive oil, coconut oil, flax , and peanut oils are pressed under 96 degrees they are very cleansing oils.  It takes machinery to press these oils and these oils turn into solvents and can cause intense cleansing.   Solvents dissolve compounds in the body and these oils can bring on a detox.  In my experience, detox symptoms could be dry skin, itching, or a light headache.  Along with olive oil being great for removing toxic chemicals from our bodies, I find its helpful to add a teaspoon of olive oil to my morning drinks for constipation relief.

Start with 1 Tablespoon a day of cold pressed oils.   If  you use a lot of oil in a recipe wait 4-5 days before making the next recipe.

The reason I’m so cautious about which oils I put in my body is because some major brand companies “cut” their olive oil with canola oil or a cheaper olive oil to save time and money.  Also, If the oil is heated above 96 degrees it hardens and crystallizes in the body.   I personally stay far away from any hydrogenated oils too, since they basically turn into plastic in your body.  Tip: Never cook with olive oil.  I eat all my animal fats raw and pressed oils under 96 degrees because the alteration of fats affects the human body.

I found Olea Estates Olive Oil at the Weston A. Price Conference and was truly impressed with the taste and quality!

Olea olive oil is produced by the Chronis family since 1856 in their own olive orchards in the valley of Sparta, Greece from a single variety of olives.  They cultivate, harvest, press, and import straight to you,  nobody else interferes.

The oils are pressed under 78 degrees! Woo Hoo!   The olive oil only goes through 1 pressing, is certified organic, extra virgin, and unfiltered. The oil is  created from a single cold pressing of the olives, and the olives are of only one  variety. The olives which are pressed to make the oil are picked by hand, to ensure  that only the ripest olives are pressed. The olives are also pressed within 1 hour of  picking in order to retain a naturally low acidity and full, fresh flavor. Olea Estates Olive Oil is  so pure they guarantee it will not go rancid for a minimum of 3 years.    More Olive Oil Health benefits and nutrition.    Raw food Stylist approved!

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Olea olive Oil



Happy cleansing and flavoring your tartare and ceviche!

Your friend,
Melissa – The Raw Food Stylist
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