Quarantine Yourself To The Woods + Immune Support Tips

In this current time of unknowns I feel nature is the healthiest place to be. The woodlands provide abundant fresh air, oxygen, sunshine, and plant friends. I know people are self-quarantined at home in their house, but the air in the house may be stagnant and stale.  The carpets, floors, beds and cabinets may be off gassing and so on.

The safest place is in nature, not to mention the bonus benefits of peace and relaxation.  There’s room in nature for your thoughts, fears, anxiety, hopes, and dreams.  The latest trend is forest-bathing for restoration and renewal but is it really new? It’s more of a remembrance of what our cells already know, are familiar with and need.

When you’re at home crack your windows and let fresh air in. Use non-toxic cleaning products and non-toxic body products. Most of all take a lot of deep breaths – preferably in the woods 😉

As you probably know The CDC is recommending-

Social distancing.

Washing hands.

Avoid touching your face.

I want to also remind you that this is the time to be supporting your immune system and not stressing it out.  Excess intake of processed sugar, chemicals, additives, preservatives, toxins, and heavy metals all have negative effects on the immune system.

Right now our immune systems need support and nutrient dense foods.  I have an Immune Support Elderberry Elixir up in my herbal shop for sale.

In our home we’ve  been eating a large amount of garlic for anti-viral and immune support benefits. We eat fermented food daily for vitamin C. Ferments have 10 times more vitamin C than fresh cabbage. We juice fresh lemons and limes for vitamin C and liver support (there’s still a ton of citrus available in stores). We drink our raw milk for a natural probiotic. We take a tablespoon of raw coconut oil for medium chain triglycerides which helps eradicate viruses.  We go to bed at 9pm and get plenty of sleep.

A great way to get more daily immune boosting nutrients is to substitute the water in your coffee for Chaga tea. You simply brew the Chaga tea and then use it instead of water as a coffee base.  Chris does this every morning and it’s great!

Self care is so important during this time- especially practices that help you relax and de-stress. Take a long hot herbal bath, walk in the woods, and stay well hydrated.

Remember times of change and uncertainty bring opportunity, possibilities, and rebirth.  Let’s prepare for our healthy futures.

Your Friend,