Raw Carob Balls Safe For Breastfeeding


I love raw chocolate! Do you??

As a new mama functioning on no sleep I find my self grabbing for the raw chocolate even more than usual.  It’s delicious, comforting, and gives me a boost of energy but my baby doesn’t seem to like it. He is noticeably more fussy when I eat chocolate, even when it’s raw and of high quality!

I’ve decided to start making things using raw carob powder instead of raw cacao powder.  So far so good! I haven’t had the nightly fussing at the witching hour and I still get my sweet dessert fix.

Raw carob is the perfect antioxidant, very good for digestion, and helps with weight loss. It’s also high in selenium which is a great nutrient for thyroid support.

I made a Youtube video making Raw Carob Love Balls.  It’s totally organic because I don’t have an exact recipe but I walk you through my process.  These raw carob balls can be eaten breastfeeding or not.  They’re delicious!

I did notice as I was pouring the raw organic nuts in I used about a 1 cup walnuts and 1/4 cup pecans.  Also, I used to be very diligent about soaking my nuts before eating them but I’ve relaxed a bit. My personal theory as of now is that when I grab a bag raw organic almonds or walnuts for snacking in the car or hiking and I eat them right out of the back unsoaked and feel fine. The percentage of raw nuts in my diet is so low that I don’t take the time to soak them. If you feel better soaking your nuts, please do.

Enjoy the video 🙂


Do you like carob? Comment below and let me know if you make the balls. 🙂

Stay Healthy,

Melissa Henig