Raw Ice Cream in 2 Minutes

Happy Summertime!

If you live in extreme heat with days over 100 degrees like I do then you may be desiring a cold treat.  I’m currently living in Arizona and the heat makes it feel impossible to run to the store and buy a cold treat-  homemade ice cream does the trick. Raw ice cream is the perfect remedy to beat the heat and fabulous for a sweet tooth.  It’s fast and extremely easy to make!

When you are at the store it’s a good idea to plan ahead and buy a few packages of your favorite frozen fruit.  I like to make raw ice cream from frozen blueberries and strawberries.  When they are on sale I buy double and I always buy organic!

Do you have a Vita-mix or high speed blender?  That’s all you’ll need to make this kind of ice cream.  Or some say “Nice” cream.  It’s a healthy version of the sugary stuff you find at the store and a guilt free dessert.

Bonus of making this is my 8 month old baby loves it!

How to make it-

I pour one whole package of frozen strawberries into the vita-mix.  I add a little raw milk- just enough so the blender will move.  Then I blend and use the pusher that comes with the vita-mix to keep pushing the strawberries down and scraping the sides.  Wallah you have ice cream!

Here is a you tube video I made of me making the raw ice cream.  Someone did ask me, “Isn’t all ice cream raw?”  I said most people use cooked milk in their ice cream and chemicals like anti-freeze to keep it from getting too frozen.  So, no not all ice cream is raw.  Most is actually toxic and unhealthy.

Have fun making this healthy version!

P.S. Feel free to add some raw honey as a sweetener.


Talk soon,

Melissa Henig