Raw kefir Vs. Pasteurized kefir

When I drink raw live homemade kefir I feel the vitamin B “buzz”.  The vitamin B is made by bacteria and gives the body energy.   Raw Kefir with its delicious tangy taste and fizzy bubbles contains live probiotics, B vitamins, enzymes, and vitamin k2 (which directs calcium to the bones).

Pasteurized vs. raw kefir

Kefir makes me feel so good, strengthens my immune system, and floods my gut with good bacteria.   The word Kefir in Turkish means “feel good”.  I can feel it, can you?

Raw milk kefir is the most potent probiotic with over 30 strains of usable good bacteria.   Often people tell me they drink kefir for their probiotics.  I ask them if it’s pasteurized or raw?   This makes them think..

Almost everything, including the kefir you buy in the store has been pasteurized.  This means that its nutrients have been altered and some completely destroyed, because during pasteurization all of the good bacteria, enzymes, and more are killed.   The result is a dead product that contains some beneficial bacteria – not too useful to the body because the kefir has completely lost its nutritional synergy.  It makes more sense to leave nature alone.  Nature always knows best.

Raw products are superior to anything fortified or synthetic.   Store bought kefir has bacteria strains added back in, isn’t fermented long enough, and sits on the shelves for weeks. My raw kefir will explode out of the jar after sitting for weeks because the bacteria are still alive.  This does not happen with store bought kefir leading me to believe the bacteria are not active or alive.

You can make your own kefir at home by using kefir grains and raw whole milk.  When you make raw kefir at home you know exactly where everything is sourced from and there are no thickeners, preservatives, sugars, or “natural” flavors.   You can choose your own flavor and save money.  Start building and re-populating your gut today with the beneficial bacteria in homemade kefir.

Pasteurized Kefir:

  • They only add one or two strains of good bacteria back in.
  • They load it with sugar to cover up natural tangy taste.  (The fake sugar contributes to yeast overgrowth in your body).
  • Has no enzymes left in it which are needed for digestion and assimilation.
  • Heat sensitive vitamin B6 and B12 are completely gone by heat during pasteurization.
  • It’s flat and not active.
  • They use a starter instead of kefir grains.


Raw Kefir:

  • Has over 40 strains of natural occurring bacteria.
  • Naturally sweetened with fresh fruit.
  • Contains over 60 live enzymes.
  • Contains healthy fat soluble vitamins A, D K, E and essential B vitamins.
  • Alive, active bacteria.
  • A good variety of bacteria and yeast in the kefir grains used.
  • Easily digested.

Happy Kefir Making-

Your friend,