Raw Paleo Book Is Out!

Hi Everyone!

Raw Paleo is not just another health book. It’s an innovative approach to health and


 We live in a modern society that douses itself with a wide variety of petrochemical
poisons on a daily basis. This is not good for the body, mind, or spirit! My co-author and I
wrote this book so that people can learn how to overcome the effects of these toxins and

therefore feel happy, energetic, and alive!

The raw paleo way of eating helps to remove toxins from your body while
simultaneously nourishing your body. It’s based on raw omnivorous foods that still have

their entire healing potential intact.

I love the way this food makes me look and feel. The food is easy to make, delicious,
guilt free, and satiating. In the book we include healthful wisdom and over 100 raw


It’s important to break through the old paradigms and fear that society has placed on us.

Let’s sift through the misinformation and bad science that’s usurped our country’s health.

I highly recommend you give Raw Paleo a try; it’s the raw way to shine!

Raw Paleo Book
Your Healthy Friend,

Melissa Henig

P.S. Please contact me with any questions or a nutritional consult. melissa@rawpaleo.com