*Recipe* Raw Milk Cold Pressed Coffee Latte!


 Are  you looking for something unique, simple, and healthy to bring to your holiday party?

I’m super excited to bring you this tried and true Cold Brewed Coffee Recipe! It’s so delicious! It’s the healthiest version of a homemade latte if you’re going to “go there” and drink coffee 😉

Here’s what you do.

1. Source your raw milk and raw cream-  Whether it be a local co-op, farmers market, or private buying club, find some raw whole unpasteurized milk!

2. Put 1 cup raw milk in the vita mix

3. Crack 1 egg yolk in there- only the yolk

4. Put 1/2 cup raw heavy cream

5. 1/4 cup organic cold brewed coffee

6. 1 teaspoon vanilla bean powder/ or alcohol free vanilla extract

7. 2 Tablespoons maple syrup

Blend and pour over ice!  Let me know what your family and friends think of your special treat!

Health benefits of eating raw egg yolk are they are loaded with b vitamin which most people don’t get enough B’s..
Excellent source of raw healthy cholesterol which is crucial for the production of vitamin D and essential for hormone production.
Egg yolks are good for your liver thanks to the lecithin in them.
Remember heat destroys all the great health benefits from the raw egg yolk, so hide them in this RAW MILK COLD PRESSED LATTE! WOOT WOOT!