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Firstly, I want to thank all of you for your responses to my last email! I read each and every one and I’m working on answering your questions now in my online course. If you missed the email—you can still participate. I’m creating an online course specifically for your needs. What are your questions about living a Raw Paleo lifestyle? Post a comment below and tell me how I can help you.

You won’t find chairs in nature!

We just took a road trip to California.  Currently in my third trimester the car ride wasn’t so easy but the camping in a tent I could do. Getting in and out of the low tent door was a breeze- even with a baby on board! I owe this partly to my extra mobility skills developed as a result of our unplanned furniture free home.  I say “unplanned” because I didn’t research anything of the sort- we are minimalist and love a simple life that also seems the most natural and healthy.  I know “furniture free” is a growing movement.  Maybe someday I’ll want a big cushy thing in the living room- nothing is set in stone. But this serves us greatly for this time. furniture free                                                                   

Furniture Free living room


 Sunset camping at 7 months pregnant!

Road trip food! 

My favorite food to eat on the road is raw milk cheese.  It’s stable out of a cooler, satiating, easy to eat, and delicious.  It’s also a great way for me to get a raw source of calcium, good fat, and protein.  My goal being pregnant is to consume 1500 mg of calcium a day.  If I eat five to six ounces of raw cheese along with a few other foods I’m covered. Raw milk products don’t weigh you down like pasteurized cheeses can. Raw cheese is more easily digested due to it’s natural enzymes that help break down the fat.  Pasteurization kills these enzymes making your body work harder. After extensive research the caveat I’ve found to eating raw milk products while pregnant is to avoid eating SOFT un-aged cheeses whether raw or pasteurized. I buy clean raw milk and hard, aged raw cheeses.

raw milk                                                                           Me with my raw milk!

Naked Sun Time!

I’ve always been a believer of naked sun time and I still am with a baby bump.  This is a great way to get vitamin D when pregnant. It’s best to have as much of your bare skin exposed as possible.  I don’t shower after vitamin D bathing because vitamin D is fat soluble and soap strips the oils containing vitamin D off your skin. It’s recommended to wait 24-48 hours to shower.  I make a list of top priorities for homes I live in and naked sun tanning in my backyard is one of them!

Naked Sun Time                                                                   Baby bump naked sun time.


Pine Pollen Premier is here! 

Our new product for men has officially been launched and people are loving it.  We added Ashwagandha to the mixture to create an exciting new twist on this proven testosterone booster. Ashwagandha has been used for centuries to help restore health, ease stress and calm a busy mind.

Pine Pollen has been used in Chinese Medicine for centuries as a potent adaptogen, testosterone booster and energy generator. In our modern world—the plastic compounds that enter our body through food packaging, plastic products and other sources can turn into estrogenic compounds in the body. As a result many people find themselves estrogen dominant and the natural testosterone boost you get from Pine Pollen can restore equilibrium.

The Pine Pollen in our product gives you a strong boost of energy and vitality while Ashwagandha restores and nourishes virtually every bodily system. Think of it as a yin-yang effect, which we believe in critical for a tonic tincture like this that can be taken every day or cycled on and off based on your personal needs.  Order Here For Pine Pollen Premier.

Pine Pollen

baby bump                                                If your man takes Pine Pollen you’ll end up like this 🙂

Your Health Coach,

Melissa Henig