Simple Raw Meat Dinner!

I was at a friends house in sunny California editing my book on Sunday Night and we shared a delicious raw dinner! My friend said how about some raw meat and you know my response was “heck yeah”! He taught me a simple new trick as he pulled out the scissors and just started cutting tiny pieces of the round steak off and onto the plate.  No more fighting with a dull knife..

He told me he usually eats his raw meat plain and simple but since a raw chef was in the house we fancied it up! Here’s what we came up with…Raw Round Steak

I asked if he had some good quality cold stoned pressed olive oil and poured an abundance over the meat, sprinkled cayenne, sea salt, and oregano on top, then sliced a perfectly ripe avocado as the side! It was so delicious!

We enjoyed our meal outside sitting on the ground which was a beautiful brick patio to get grounded before our next session of editing. The raw meat is full of enzymes since no heat is applied and easily digested for us to continue working nice and alert!  Enjoy!