Skinny is NOT Healthy or Sexy!

I gave a friend a piece of raw cream pie that I make out of raw butter, raw eggs, raw heavy cream, and raw honey… All the original superfoods.

Hey Melissa!

The pie was amazing!!! So delicious and not too sweet, which is my favorite. I split in in two and had it for breakfast Monday at 6am, exercised for an hour at 6:30 and was hungry again by 8:30-9. Same thing today. That’s normal for me if I eat eggs too. I always get hungry for a snack at that time. So, as for satiety, it remains the same whether I eat the pie or the two eggs. I think the real test would be if I ate it consistently for several weeks to see if I gain weight, or feel different/better in any way.

I have been a size 11 and weighed around 160 in college when I ate nasty college food and drank a lot if alcohol. I eat very little animal fat other than eggs and fish because I had a genetic test done that said I do in fact possess the genes for obesity. I exercise almost every day and eat mostly fruits & veggies just to keep my weight manageable. Any thoughts on how this diet may affect other people with different gene markers?

I have a serious back injury and a weight issue (not an issue right now). I would like to see if the fat theory helps my back, but not at the expense of my waistline:).


I gained weight when I first started on this diet. About 8 lbs until my body adjusted.

It’s a deep tissue cleanse. The fat stores all the toxins and then you need to flush them.

If this is the first time you’re ever eating raw saturated fats your body is starving for nutrients.   You may crave more as it’s cleansing, rebuilding, and healing.

“Our idea about thin should be refashioned until we become healthy… I recommend that men gain 15-30 pounds and women 12-15 pounds above what should be their normal weight (not according to thin-fashion). The excess weight should be achieved within two months. It should be maintained for another 2 months… Men and women, get a temporary belly; it is healthier on and off!”-Aajonus Vonderplanitz author of the Primal Diet

I drank so much goat milk , raw butter, and everything else that my body hadn’t had in 30 years. Now I’ve lost the weight along with the toxins and my body has adjusted and I feel great.  It’s like an oil change in your car. Bring in all the right raw saturated fats and let go of trans fats and plaque.  The fats in the raw eggs bind with toxins and carry them to the bowels and from the system (there are raw eggs in the pie).

Now when I do eat my nutrient dense (raw dairy) food my body utilizes all of it and I don’t need much.

It’s vegetable oils, carbs, trans fats, refined grains, and sugar that make me fat not butter!

I guess you have decide whether you want to gain a few pounds until your body adjust and cleanses or live with back pain?

Our brain, nervous system, every cell runs on raw fats.   It lubricates, dissolves plaque in arteries (mainly from cooked vegetable oil), cleanses, fuels, protects, rejuvenates, and help reproduce cells.

Plus the raw butter in the pie is anti-inflammatory, restores moisture to your thyroid, has extreme anti-cancer properties, and is great for lubricating digestion.

When butter comes from grass-fed cows the CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is a compound that greatly protects you from cancer and helps you build muscle rather than storing fat!

A sexy butter body equals a healthy body.

Let’s talk more Thursday!


I’m not a doctor but I have never heard of a fat gene.  I intuitively think it’s diet and environment and if the parents eat trans fats and give it to their children then maybe that’s a fat gene.