Spring Liver Cleanse

How was your winter season?  Did you over indulge a bit?  I’ve been talking with folks lately who are feeling a bit “off” and not sure why…

It may be time for a cleanse.

Have you ever done a cleanse?

Cleansing helps you release nasty toxins from your body and get you back on track.

Toxins can enter the body through soaps, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, plastic, city water, pesticides, air pollution, heavy metals, additives, fillers, and binders found in food.

There are specific foods and herbs that facilitate the release of these toxins and lighten your load.

Often after a cleanse you lose weight, bring awareness to unhealthy eating habits, and feel refreshed and revived.

Spring time is traditionally the BEST time to cleanse the liver and clear out the winter stagnation.  Many nutritionist and healers use cleansing and fasting as a way of healing the body and giving it a much needed break.

There are all types of fasting from intermittent fasting, to water fasting, to dry fasting. I have done them all!

Fasting is a practice where you abstain from food for a certain period of time.  Sound extreme? I find cleansing suits me best because it’s sustainable and I get to bring in a variety of nutrients.

I’m hosting a 5 day group liver cleanse and we will be drinking raw lemonade, herbal teas, raw juices, eating raw soups, eating liver, and eating some sauted dandelion and beet greens.

The cleanse runs for 5 days.  You receive a menu, a guide, group support, daily emails and videos.  Our last group cleanse was great and here’s what people had to say.

“I feel great! Five days is perfect. I lost a few pounds, my mental clarity is sharp, and my energy is good. Thank you for conducting this cleanse.  It’s been a helpful and learning experience.”  – ArchieWelch

“The five days went so fast! I’m  now super excited about raw food again and determined to keep it up. I will keep going. THANK YOU!”  – Debbie

“I’m grateful I had the courage to give this a go!  It really was awesome, I loved everything I tried.  Thank you!!”    – Susan Quirk

If this sounds like what you need to start your spring cleaning and want to join us sign up here.

Have a fabulous day,