Surprise, I’m Pregnant!

Hello Everybody!

Life is amazing and unpredictable. I had it all planned out to start a new chapter and move to Montana and the very morning I was moving I found out I’m pregnant.

Wow! What a huge curve ball.  It was quite a process for me to digest but I feel blessed to be given such a wonderful gift as this.

I was shocked, I didn’t think I could get pregnant. Years ago I was married and tried to get pregnant and nothing happened.  I had gone for a blood test and was very low in progesterone.  This was 15 years ago and my diet and lifestyle was not what it is today.

I contribute this wonderful surprise to my current nutrient dense diet including of a lot of raw animal fat and raw cholesterol.

Here we go- Maiden to Motherhood!

The first trimester can be challenging with morning sickness, body changes, rising hormones, and people projecting personal fears.

Stay strong the second trimester is much easier.  I’m savoring every moment of this experience through the sickness, emotional stress, and life changes because it’s truly a miracle.

First trimester tips:

I had always secretly judged pregnant women in my past – thinking to myself that I would be so much healthier than that, etc…

Well now that I’ve walked in the shoes of morning sickness – I get it!  I ate anything that helped me with the nausea.  I mostly ate bread which was a bad idea because I ended up with a rash and have cut out all gluten since. I find it’s best not to have any judgements in life or on yourself.

You can always get back on track in the second trimester. I did!

Honor your body. Rest if you need rest.  This is not the time to prove you’re the fastest hiker, biker, or most flexible. Do what you’re personally comfortable with. There were days I could only make it to the woods for a short walk to enjoy all the vibrant smells and sights.

I carried raw cheese around with me during the day to help with nausea.  I would keep it in my pocket and nibble on like a little mouse- but it really helped!

Focus on sending only positive thoughts and lots of love to your baby.  By the sixth month the fetus can move to the rhythm of your voice. How beautiful!

I’m loving using the Cave Baby Cream  that I make on my growing and itchy belly.  It’s a tallow based skin care with  no scent that soaks in better than synthetic creams. The organic tallow I make the cream with has fat soluble vitamins A, D, K, and E.   It’s like putting vitamins right into your skin.  I have repeat customers on their second pregnancy who swear by it helping them not get stretch marks.

You’ll want to find a whole food based prenatal vitamin. I really like the Raw Prenatal by Garden of Life.  I’m taking a Prenatal DHA supplement by Nordic Naturals. In my opinion they are the best company for high quality fish oil.

I’m drinking a pint of raw milk a day, eating whole raw eggs and egg yolks, eating raw meat and slow cooked organic meats, fish twice a week, lots of greens for folic acid, probiotics, and some fruits.

Please share this with anyone you know who is pregnant. Do you have any prenatal questions for me?

I’m here for your support.

Your Health Coach,

Melissa Henig