Top 5 Reasons Why Raw Butter Is a Health Food

Well, There are more than 5 reason for me why raw butter is a health food but let’s talk about the top 5 from the inside out!

I say the inside out because these top 5 are healing and supporting organs on the inside where we can’t see.  On the outside butter makes the skin soft, glowing, and buttery, not to mention the taste buds enjoying raw butter.   My good friend is 47 and she looks 27 and all is she ever says is “It’s the butter!”

Ok so the very top 5 reasons why Butter is a health food are…drum roll please!

#1 Butter is Brain Food! 

Butter feeds the brain since the brain is made up of  mainly of saturated fat and cholesterol.  There is a protective coating on your neurons called myelin that is made up of oleic acid found in the butter.  So it protects your neurons!

#2 Butter Is Good For The Immune System!

Butter is good for your immune system. The saturated fat found in raw butter contains lauric acid. Lauric acid is also found in mothers breast milk and kills germs, bacteria, and destroys fungi.

#3 Butter Is Hormone Balancing!

The saturated fats in butter signal and create hormone production. We need healthy fats for balanced hormones and reproduction.  The vitamin A in the butter is essential for the thyroid gland to function properly.

#4  Butter Is High In CLA!

Butter is high in the compound CLA, conjugated linoleic acid, which protects you from cancer and tumor growth.  The CLA helps your body build muscle rather than store fat.

#5 Butter Is Better For Digestion!

Butter lubes the inside of your intestines and is great for digestion.  Glycopingolipids found in butterfat protect against gastrointestinal infection.


I’m having a raw primal worksop called Butter Me Up in Southern California.


These recipes are super simple, easy to make at home, so delicious, and made with the health food BUTTER!

For more info on butter please visit Weston A. Price foundation.