Video on How To Open a Coconut!

I made a dvd awhile back on How To Make Coconut Cream and I found a little footage from it that may be useful.  This video shows you how to open a mature mexican coconut and shuck out the meat.  VIDEO

Step 1.  Look for cracks or mold on the outside of your coconut.

Step 2.  The coconut has 3 eyes and one will be softer than the rest.  Find the soft spot.

Step 3.  Take an oyster shucker and poke through the soft eye on the coconut. Twist Shucker.

Step 4. Taste water to make sure its fresh.

Step 5.  Drain water and save in glass jar in the fridge.

Step 6.  Use a hammer to crack open coconut.

Step 7. Shuck meat out.

Step 8. Cream the meat in a juicer.



How to open a coconut