Visioning My Home Birth

“A man without a vision shall perish.”

This is not food related but still health related since mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness is a large part of health.

I’m always amazed at the parallels between giving birth and life itself.

I’m envisioning my home birth without leaving a thing out. From that very first contraction in early labor to delivering the placenta and holding and kissing my baby.

We need to have a clear vision of exactly what we want and how it will go. I see myself breathing and relaxing through contractions. I see myself in a squatted position with one knee on the floor in my living room when the head crowns. I see myself reaching down and catching my baby. I see birthday frosting all over my newborn baby a.k.a. the vernix.

I see myself releasing control, getting out of my own way, and embracing the contractions. I will surrender and let go as the powerful woman that I am. Letting my body work and do what it knows what to do.

I see floods of emotions, pressure, patience, gratefulness, fear, joy, excitement, ecstacy… all that comes with a huge event, transition, and birth.

“Trust and faith remove doubt and fear.”

What vision do you have for your life? Can you clearly walk yourself through the exact path of what you want?

How do I have a vision?

Give yourself quiet time every morning to reduce stress and create a deeper connection to yourself and desires. You can remind yourself by saying “Mornings are for me.”

You can create a sacred place in your home for quiet time, meditation, prayer, breathing, and visualizing.

Set a timer for 10 minutes for your quiet visualization time.

When you are visualizing the life you want don’t leave any details out. See yourself in your new home, with your soul mate on the couch next to you, at your birth, building your business, free of pain, strong and healthy, on your next adventure!

Last but not least- I’ve become a baby! LOL

We have a running joke in our house that I always say “I want my milk (insert baby voice)”

Every time I feel I need fast nutrition or when I wake up really hungry at 4am I go to the fridge and drink my raw milk. Raw milk has bioavialable proteins and fats that absorb right into my cells. Raw milk has a full quota of inherent enzymes and natural probiotics. I feel nourished and satisfied – like a baby – every sip.

“I want my milk” I’m sure this baby stage I’m in of sleeping, eating, crying, and drinking milk while pregnant is giving me compassion for my newborn that’s on the way.  A new birth for both of us!

Your Health Coach,

Melissa Henig

If you want to know more about unassisted home births, here is my midwife’s website.