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Hello Friends,

Today I did an interview with Troy Casey aka The Certified Health Nut at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. We discussed his personal experience with his 10 day cleanse.  Today is Day 9 on his cleanse and he’s feeling and looking vibrant and healthy!

Check out the video here…YOUTUBE

When I do my Raw Paleo-Primal Cleanse I can fully relate to Troy’s experiences.   Cleansing is a great way to reset the body and give it a break from taking in foods that slow digestion.  When the body isn’t busy digesting all day it has time to cleanse, heal, and repair.

In the video Troy talks about taking amino acids while cleansing so his muscle don’t waste away.   On my Raw Paleo-Primal cleanse the raw milk shake is a complete protein to help build muscle while cleansing.

I feel so great after the 3 day Raw Paleo-Primal Cleanse.  I’m now really inspired by the 10 DAY CLEANSE for more of a deeper cellular cleanse.

Troy’s tips were to take Amino acids, rest, nap, do tai chi, eat little bits of food (carrot, 1/2 avocado) for the oral fix, and break the cleanse on bone broth!  Go Troy!

What is your favorite cleanse?