Welcoming Sexy Butter Skin

Who knew I would become so passionate about butter?!  Haha!

I truly believe butter is the new superfood or shall we say butter is the original superfood.

I started out on a raw vegan diet and have shifted to eating mostly a raw primal diet. I’m eating a pound of raw butter a week, raw eggs, raw milk, a little raw bison tar tar.

I did have some deficiencies as I was very raw fat and raw protein deprived.  I was always freezing, my hair started thinning and stopped growing, my nails had white marks across them and severe ridges, I was anemic and bruising so easily, I was always starving, my teeth would throb and be sensitive, my skin was dry, and I was SOOOO anxious!

I was living in Santa Monica and started hanging around Venice A LOT and loved it.  I had a friend introduce me to a local food club named Rawesome and quickly became a member.

At this point I was still eating a high raw vegan diet and was shopping there for veggies, raw honey, raw oils, and some coconut water kefir.

OH was I missing out on “the land of MILK and honey”.

As I went twice weekly I starting chatting to more and more people and bravely trying samples of RAW food and it was not vegan.

I never liked labels anyways and always told everyone “I’m Human” and guess what..I still am.

Hi, I’m Melissa Henig and I’m human, I try new things, I love eating good food, I have good days, I have down days, I smile, I cry, I feel pain, sometimes I smell, I like compliments, I love people, I love life.

Life is way more tastier when you are open-minded.

Let’s get back to welcoming the raw butter.  Raw butter is my new super food as it’s so GOOD for women and we need it!  It’s a hazard not to eat it.

Last week at my farmers market stand 3 people asked what am I doing for my skin?!  They said its just glowing!

I told them I eat a pound a of raw butter a week and their mouths dropped open.. You what?!

Yep, My skin and organs soak it right up making it  a sexy butter body.  Glowing skin is sexy right?

More to come on some positive changes in my health and info on an eating everything raw lifestyle.

Talk to you soon,

Melissa Henig

(Picture courtesy of Top Ten Tips for a Healthy, Glowing Skin where you can find a few other tips to make your skin glow like drinking more water)