What do I do with old raw cream?

Make a Raw PIE!!!


Don’t know what to do with that 2 or 3 week old raw cream that naturally makes sour cream?  Sometimes we can’t finish our decadent raw cream and it ends up sitting in the fridge and making raw sour cream on its own! No need to ever waste nourishing raw dairy so let’s make a pie with it and get the benefits of the extra good bacteria in it too! Raw sour cream and pineapple mixed is also a great digestive aid for going number 2, so lick the spatula after blending it! 😉



Pineapple Cream Cheesecake


1 cup raw almonds or pecans

2 Tablespoons raw butter

1 Tablespoon raw honey

Directions: Blend in the food processor and push/flatten into the bottom of a pie pan.


1/2 cup of old heavy cream (now sour cream)

1/2 pound of raw butter

2 raw eggs (pasture raised)

1 cup organic pineapple (chopped)

4 pitted dates

2 Tablespoon raw honey

Blend in Vita-mix and pour over crust.


Next swirl in 8oz of raw cream cheese right into the filling. Put in freezer for 2 hours to set.



1 cup of raw heavy cream

1 Tablespoons raw honey

Mix with a hand mixer and frost with a spatula!