What’s New With Melissa?!

Hi Friends,

I want to catch you up with you and tell you what’s new with me!  Currently my main platform for connection on social media is Instagram.  I’m on there posting conscious mama photos and updating Instagram stories.  Today I posted a bright red smoothie photo and it inspired me to share it here with you.

Beet Smoothie

The best part of waking up is smoothie in my cup!  I find the easiest way for me to eat more raw foods in the winter is through smoothies. This smoothie is 1 small raw beet, frozen mangoes, frozen bananas, and goji berry powder.  I’m aware this smoothie is  high in natural sugar and we don’t make it that often.  Today it brightened a dark morning, it was beautiful, delicious and got raw beets in my body.  Beets are high in vitamin c, fiber, folate, cleanse the liver and build the blood.

We recently travelled to Costa Rica and got to indulge in fresh life giving foods such as coconuts, papaya and mangoes. I adore all the enzymes in raw foods for health, digestion, and life. Enzymes promote life and keep us alive and well.

Some travel tips I discovered for my next trip are – bring my own sea salt, bring clay (for bug bites to draw out poison), and peppermint essential oil (good for everything, we put on the soles of our feet and to cool off).

raw food

raw food

I’m creating informative fun photos with my two loves – raw butter and my son.  Raw butter is a staple in my families diet and I plan on it staying around for awhile. We are firm believers in raw saturated fats for nutrition, strength, vitality, and satiety. We eat about a pound or more of raw butter per week and love it.  No butter, no joy! Feel free to share the photos.

raw butter

raw butter

raw butter

We eat casein A-2 Raw Butter from Guernsey, Brown Swiss and Belgian Blue cows. There are 2 types of milk proteins in cows called A-1 or A-2. To my knowledge A-2 is a healthier milk and easier to digest. A-1 milk is a genetic mutation from cross breeding cows for more milk production. A-2 milk is from old world and heirloom breeds that have not been manipulated in any way. Have you noticed a difference when drinking raw milk products from A-1 or A-2?

A2 Raw Butter

What are you eating for your enzymes? Do you eat raw animal foods? Do you eat herbs? What kind of herbs? I ask myself these questions as reminders when I walk through the grocery store.

I trust you are doing things that make you happy, listening to your heart, and of course eating raw paleo foods. 😉

Talk soon,