Whole Food Baby Food

What does whole food baby food mean?

It’s similar to us adults who eat a whole food diet or a diet like our ancestors ate.  Whole food baby food is simply whole foods cut up into very small bite size pieces. When babies start eating solid foods that are healthy and not packaged junk food, it’s a whole food diet. My son is currently 10 months old and eating a low sugar high fat whole food diet.  He loves eggs, raw cheese, raw goat milk, olives, sweet potatoes, peas, cucumbers, red peppers, and berries.

Oh, and he LOVES meat! He eats chicken, lamb, and beef. When he does eat meat it’s grass-fed and grass-finished because it has 300 percent more heart healthy omega-3’s than factory farmed meat.

Feeding a baby can seem overwhelming but don’t over complicate things.  It’s simple if you a eat a healthy diet yourself and then feed your baby whatever you’re eating.  It’s known that our babies are always teaching us.  If you want to start your baby off on the right track with whole foods, then now is your chance to clean up your diet too.  You can eat healthy together!

Remember home cooked meals are the healthiest meals!

I started sharing my plate of food with my baby about 9 or 10 months old when he started getting teeth.  I started my son on egg yolks and avocados at about 5 months old.

What didn’t work as baby food?

When we were traveling I bought a jar of carrot baby food for convenience.  When I opened up the jar it smelled like a chemical and was a bright orange color.  It didn’t smell or look like real food at all. From that day forward I decided if I wouldn’t eat it- I wouldn’t feed it to my baby either.

Another convenient thing I did when traveling was to give him squeeze packs. I recently researched that most of them contain Citric Acid and Ascorbic Acid.  These additives turn the whole food package acidic.  He started to break out a little around his neck after he ate them.

I still occasionally feed him squeeze packs because I’m not the perfect parent but I do my diligence in reading labels! This goes for food you eat too, read labels.

There are a few brands who use lemon juice and not citric acid to preserve it.  Lemon juice isn’t the best thing for the teeth but hopefully better than turning the body acidic.

Some healthy options of squeeze packs are Once Upon A Farm (usually in the refrigerated section of the store) and Earth’s Best Organics.

As adults we have a tendency to want to snack, I know I’m always looking for snacks. Lol. This starts as children when we unconsciously teach them to snack on food in packages such as snack pick up foods. Have you read the ingredients in snack pick up foods for babies? There’s a long list of unpronounceable things. To name a few they have canola oil, msg, autolyzed yeast extract, and “natural flavors.”  Remember “natural flavors” can mean up to 300 hundred different things…

Let’s start our babies off right with whole foods. It’s important for them to feel real texture, see true colors and smell freshness. Give your baby the delicious gift of nature!


Here are some things I feed Jeremiah.


Steamed Sweet Potato

Cooked Squash

Fresh Raspberries

Raw cheese

Raw Cheese

P.S. Of course he still drinks a lot of breast milk but he’s still always hungry.

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Talk soon,

Melissa Henig