Why do I eat raw meat?

It’s been a long busy day and I thought to myself, I’ll come home, eat, and take a nap.  Well, that changed quickly after I decided to make my favorite raw bison dish.  Now I’m full of energy and feeling strong.  I eat raw meat simply because it makes me feel really great, strong, and it digests so easily.

I was introduced to raw meat a few years back and have noticed a huge difference in my health especially after coming off of a raw vegan diet. If you want to build long lasting muscle that doesn’t deflate after 3 days of not working out then eat raw protein.  Like heals like so for me eating raw bison meat builds muscle naturally and fast!

Raw meat can also bring on a huge detox for me.   It really draws toxins out of your body and sometimes after eating it my nose starts to run, which is a form of detox.  I remember a story in My Raw Primal Book about Aajonus testing one of his clients that was  on heavy prescriptions, antibiotics and had plenty of vaccines for years.  They did a urine test for all those chemicals and heavy metals and nothing showed up. So Aajonus put him on a raw meat diet with fresh orange juice in-between raw meat meals and tested his urine 30 days later and it was loaded with chemicals and heavy metals. The raw meat drew out the toxins.

This leads me to explain why I eat raw meat with raw fat.  Fats bind with toxins and discharge them out of the body.  Since  raw meat draws out toxins it’s important to eat the fat with the meat to bind the toxins. Also the body assimilates protein more efficiently when long chain saturated fatty acids are present, which are found exclusively in animal fats. So usually I always cut up little chunks of raw butter to eat with my meat but for the ultimate easy digestion meal I eat the raw meat with raw sour cream on top and a side of fermented veggies.  All fermented food are loaded with enzymes that assist digestion.

Also in the book We Want To Live it  says raw meat is very anti-aging! The author also suggest for maintaining  youth to eat raw meat twice a day, or a pound a day.  It’s the CoQ10 along with the minerals, good bacteria, protein enzymes in the raw meat which is anti-aging and keeps you running.

It’s important  I know my source of meat and my meat has never been frozen.  Freezing the meat denatures the proteins some.

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Raw Meat