Wild Water, Wild Food, Warning Graphic Material Sheep Harvest

Hi Friends,

I have a new youtube video up about our wild water, wild food, and sheep harvest adventure.


I realize we all make different choices on where we source our food. This photo may be too much for people to see but if we all honor each other’s choices and learn how to gracefully disagree then life will flow better. Because as humans our truths are definitely going to be different.

We value knowing where our food comes from and how it’s processed. So we decided to go to the actual source and be a part of everything which for me is the ultimate connection and empowerment. This sheep was raised humanely 100% organic and  grass-finished on a local farm. We went to the farm and shot it ourselves, gutted it, hung it, and butchered it.

I do believe that hunting wild game would be healthier but this way feels better than a grocery store and supporting the middle man. I also believe these skills are necessary to have as a human for survival. Credit goes to Chris for doing most of the work!

Sheep Liver

Where do you source your food?