Yarrow Herbal Body Wash

Yarrow Herbal Body Wash

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Yarrow Herbal Body Wash

I wash, shave, lather, and rinse with this luxurious, super safe, gentle, and extra moisturizing body wash.

It also works as shampoo! 

*Raw honey is excellent for the skin. It contains anti-microbial, anti-oxidants and helps retain moisture in the skin. Excellent in dry climates.

*Coconut oil is anti-bacterial and so moisturizing and healing for the skin.

Ingredients: Wild yarrow leaves, stems, and flowers infused in raw organic coconut oil, raw unheated local honey, castile, wild yarrow, organic rosemary, organic juniper, wildcrafted balsam fir e.o. 

Volume: 8 FL oz

Directions: Squeeze into hand in the shower and lather body. 

This 8 ounce container last a long time in the shower! A little goes a long way. 

It smells like fields of divine wild yarrow and I just love the idea of washing myself in coconut oil and honey! So soothing. 

Forest bathe today with this luxurious soap! 

SHAKE WEll as natural ingredients separate. 

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