Calendula Herbal Body Oil (essential oil free)

Calendula Herbal Body Oil (essential oil free)

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Calendula Herbal Body Oil
(Calendula officinalis)

Calendula is traditionally used for skin healing of any kind. Calendula herbal body oil restores, nourishes, and soothes the skin. Calendula is the skin care herb! It can also help stimulate collagen production in the skin.

Ingredients: Organic Farm Grown Whole Calendula Flowers, Organic Whole Vanilla Bean, Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba oil, Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Volume: 2 oz glass bottle with treatment pump top.

Directions: Massage into body, face, and scalp with fingers tips. Work with herbal oil for self care and love.

Use as a daily skin moisturizer on face and body. 

Use as an herbal first aid: Apply to burns, scars, sores, scratches, bug bites, rashes, chapped, dry, itchy skin, eczema.

Calendula herbal body oil benefits-

Anti-bacterial properties
Speed healing of burns, scars, sores, scratches, bug bites
Good for rashes, chapped, dry, and itchy skin
Calendula is great for eczema and dry spots
Good for mamas with cracked nipples (apply between breast feeding)
Good for hemorrhoids
Calendula is safe and gentle for all ages

Sunshine soaked calendula blossoms are infused into anti-oxidant rich cold pressed organic olive oil.  Whole vanilla beans are soaked in organic jojoba oil for that sweet sensual scent. Absolutely no essential oils are used, just plants! Whole plant infused oils carry the FULL medicine. When you just add essential oils to a carrier oil its fragmented and refined. I use the whole plant oil infusing method to make pure potent medicine.

Herbal Body Oiling Ritual

It's an ancient practice to heal and nourish yourself through putting plant fats on the skin.  The nervous system lies right under the skin and oiling your body nourishes, calms, and relaxes your nervous system.  Helping to relieve anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Herbal body oiling supports the lymphatic system and the immune system by moving stagnant energy and toxins.  Body oiling penetrates deep and feeds your skin with herbs.  Herbal body oiling also works great for kids to calm them down anytime.  

A value of ours is to bring herbal remedies in our family culture.  We have a nightly ritual of oiling everybody's feet before bed to help us relax and sleep.  We teach our son daily self massage and self-care through body oiling.  It's common to teach children to brush their hair and teeth but are we teaching daily self care?

Oil attracts dirt so apply to wounds when you're in a clean environment in your home.

Not for use on fresh open wounds. Raw honey is great for that. Apply oil for healing wounds and speeding recovery.

Enjoy the magic of herbal body oiling! 

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