Sweetheart - Wild Rosehip Oil (essential oil free)

Sweetheart - Wild Rosehip Oil (essential oil free)

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Sweetheart- Wild Rosehip Oil 

This is one of my favorite herbal body oils! It has a soft velvety feel, sweet natural scent, and it feels like the essence of love. I named it Sweetheart because it's the name that keeps coming to me as I use it. My sweetheart. 

Wild rose hips are an amazing fruit that grows from the rose bush in the fall. They are plump juicy and full of vitamin c. This body oil nourishes and tightens your skin and soothes emotions. Upgrade your self care ritual with this luxurious oil. 

Rose hips are high in vitamin A and C and a great skin care remedy known to help with sun damage and wrinkles. 

Ingredients: Wild Harvested Arizona Rose Hips (woods rose), Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil.

Volume: 2 ounce glass bottle

Directions: Apply to face and body daily. Apply for massage, use a daily moisturizer, uplift your spirit, set loving boundaries, heal your heart.

No essential oils added. Handmade in very small batches. Ethically and lovingly wild harvested. Safe and gentle for all ages. 

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