Gentle Tallow Face Scrub (Essential Oil Free)

Gentle Tallow Face Scrub (Essential Oil Free)

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Gentle Tallow Face Scrub

I created this gentle and nourishing face scrub to have an amazing exfoliant to keep your face glowing and free from dull dead skin cells. 

The skin does naturally exfoliate itself every 28 days but as we age this process slows down. I recommend once or twice a month to exfoliate. 

Exfoliating dead flaky skin cells gives you brighter and smoother complexion by increasing circulation and increasing collagen production. Think of doing this before a photo shoot, wedding, etc. 

I chose the most delicate and perfect shaped jojoba bead to ensure the scrub is gentle and doesn't damage the skin barrier. 

The ingredients nourish and feed your skin! 

Tallow- Deeply hydrates and moisturizes the skin! 

Raw Manuka Honey-  Raw Honey draws moisture from the air and hydrates your skin naturally. This helps with fine lines and premature aging leaving you youthful.

Royal Jelly- Royal jelly is known to hydrate and improving the appearance of acne scars and other skin conditions.

You will reduce fine lines. Look radiant and brighter. Look soft and glowing. 

Volume: 1 ounce glass jar 

Ingredients: Organic Grass-Fed Tallow, Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, Jojoba Beads, Raw Unheated Manuka Honey, Royal Jelly

Directions: Use dry hands to scoop out a little scrub. Next use circle motions and gently rub. Use warm water and a very soft cloth to rinse off. 

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