Pinon Resin Salve

Pinon Resin Salve

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Pinon Resin Salve
(Pinus Edulis)


Wild harvested Pinon Pine Resin
Organic Calendula Flowers
Organic Cold pressed Olive Oil
Natural Beeswax


Apply to cuts, scrapes, scratches for strong anti-bacterial effect.

Apply to dry cuticles, dry hands.

Apply to stiff joints for warming, stimulating, circulation.  It increases blood flow to a localized stiff area and may help with sore muscles.

Use as a natural lip balm and lip gloss.  Very  healing for cut or chapped lips.

Really good as beard balm and beard oil.

Aroma is light and up lifting.  NO essential oils used.

Enjoy the winter tree medicine!


Pinon Resin Salve is warm energy, tingly, stimulating, and gets the blood moving and circulating in cold hands and cold feet in the winter. It's also helpful as chest rub to break up lung congestion.

I added Calendula infused herbal oil to the Pinon Resin Salve because calendula is the best skin herb and these two make for a great herbal skin care duo.

Smells like a Pinon Pine tree.

The Pinon Resin is lovingly harvested from the mountains in Arizona.

A salve is a semi-solid spreadable balm made with infused herbal oils.

Salve protects and nourishes our skin.

It helps the skin repair itself faster after a cut, burn, rash, bug bite.