EMF Shielding Phone Case

EMF Shielding Phone Case

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This carry-all detachable wallet case has shielding in the front cover to protect from EMF radiation and RFID tracking.

All Features:

  • Multiple layers of our Signature Shielding Technology in the front cover block up to 99% of EMF & 5th Generation radiation (0-10 GHz)
  • Detachable magnetic wallet case with 3 RFID-blocking credit card/ID slots
  • Sleek, vegan leather outer material and textured microfiber interior
  • Anti-shock, rubber phone nesting with thicker material on the corners for extra impact protection
  • Clip-on wrist strap provides flexibility while carrying your phone
  • Design folds and functions as a stand for landscape viewing
  • Secure magnetic tab closure

I'm loving this case. I close it when I talk to protect my head and I fold it around to protect my hand when I text.

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