Springtime Liver Cleanse (instant download)

Springtime Liver Cleanse (instant download)

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Springtime Liver Cleanse (instant download)


Thank you for welcoming in springtime and cleaning your liver with me! Join me in a 10-day springtime liver cleanse.  This cleanse is very easy and gentle! You make a liver cleanse drink once each morning and eat a whole-food diet for 10 days.

How was your winter season?  Did you overindulge a bit?  I’ve been talking with folks lately who are feeling a bit “off” and unsure why…

It may be time for a cleanse.

Have you ever done a cleanse?

Cleansing helps you release accumulated waste and toxins from your body and gets you back on track.

In this modern world with the onslaught of pollution and chemicals, I feel all of our livers could use a little love. 

Spring is a time of rebirth. Energy is starting to wake up all around us. We see sprouts of new growth and longer, sunnier days, and the energy is growing. When it peaks in the spring, it peaks in our bodies as well, and it's a good time to support the liver in this transition season of awakening. 

When the liver functions properly, we are free physically and emotionally. Energy can flow freely, giving us a spring boost and allowing us to rise to new heights!

Liver cleanse includes: 

*10-day liver cleanse recipe

*Video of me making the cleanse recipe (it is a private YouTube video)

*Details on how to do the cleanse

*Cleansing tips 

The benefits I receive annually from a liver cleanse in the springtime are-

-Deeper, more restful sleep

-Clear and glowing skin

-Increased energy

-Improved digestion & flow

-Calmer moods

-Clearer thinking (less brain fog)

-Constipation relief 

The healthier and cleaner we keep our livers, the healthier we are all around! The liver is so important to the body's proper functioning. Please join me and give your liver a little extra support this spring! 

Happy cleansing,

Melissa Henig