Motherwort Tincture

Motherwort Tincture

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Motherwort Tincture has an affinity for the nervous system helping you feel calm and peaceful.  I've heard it said that taking it feels like a warm hug from your mothers loving arms.. and it's so true! I really do feel a sense of calm instantly come over me. 

This herb is known to help calm the heart emotionally while also physically giving your heart restoration.

For me this means the fast racing heart of anxiety when parenting, the daily fast paced stresses of life, feeling restless, and sleepless nights.  The tincture helps me calm my nervous system, ground, and center again.

*Motherwort is a gentle nervine helping you ease tension and relax. Remember what a warm hug does. 

*Motherwort also works well for women and supporting menses, bringing on a period, easing cramps, and easing pms. Uterine tonic.

*Motherwort supports cardiovascular health as well relieving tightness and tension and stress affecting the heart. 

It's good strong herbal medicine.  The taste is bitter (which bitters also support the digestive system).

Ingredients: Fresh Flowering Motherwort Arial Parts(Leonurus cardiaca), Organic Vodka

Volume: 2 ounces

Directions: Take 1-2 dropper fulls as needed 

Enjoy your hug! *Not for pregnancy 

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications, please consult with a qualified health professional before beginning any new herbal products.